Welcome to Giraffe Web Design

At Giraffe Web Design, we know what makes a web site great! It's visual appeal. It's easy navigation. It's well-organized content. It's a web site that reflects the personality of your business. Most importantly, it's a web site that attracts new customers and helps keep the ones you have.

We'll build a web site that's unique to your business, works with varying browsers, and is easy for the search engines to find.

And, afterwards, if you need to contact us, we'll be a live body for you to talk to.

What a Great Web Site Can Do For You?

If you're a small business:

A good web site keeps the public informed about:

  • What your business is and what needs you fill.
  • When you have sales or special events.
  • Your location and hours.
  • Contact numbers.

If you're a professional:

A web site can call attention to your practice and make the public aware of your credentials.

It can provide current information to your client or customer base, such as, the services you offer, the latest research in your field, or helpful hints for staying in good health.

A web site can bring in new patients or clients who are better informed, and that makes your job easier in many ways. For example, your client or patient can be well enough informed to ask more pertinent questions.

For example, one of the most efficient and time-saving things doctors can do is to put the forms required of new patients on the internet and allow the patient to print the forms. They can fill them in at home and bring the completed forms when they come to their appointment.

This is only one example of the many ways you can use the net to make your office function more efficiently.